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Ski mountaineering in the Cantabrian Mountains

Ski holiday
2 nights / 3 days
Spain, Cantabrian Mountains
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Ski mountaineering in the Cantabrian Mountains

We offer you a weekend of mountain skiing in the Cantabrian Mountains, in the regions of Laciana and La Babia, specifically in the Somiedo mountains, which is currently a Biosphere Reserve

We will do two itineraries staying in a hotel in the valley so we will go lightly in each day

On Saturday we will ascend to El Cornón (2,188 m) located in the heart of Somiedo, starting from Lumajo (1,407 m) in the province of León

On Sunday we will ascend to Morronegro (2,151 m), a satellite peak between Somiedo and Peña Ubiña, which will give us beautiful views of the Babia region

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Cantabrian Mountains for the first time or continue exploring these mountains that always encourage us to return


  • Visit the Somiedo and Babia mountains
  • Ski mountaineering in very quiet and solitary places
  • Beauty of the villages we will visit
  • Feeling that time has stopped

Previous experience in skiing is required, as well as the ability to ski on all types of snow and moderate slopes. No experience in extreme skiing is required as the slopes of the routes we are going to follow are not. Physical level for normal people who can make slopes of between 800 and 1,200 metres a day at a leisurely pace. It is possible to do more than this for those who want to extend their day, without prejudice to those who are satisfied with their normal day.

Ski mountaineering in the Cantabrian Mountains

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