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Route of the Golondrinas in the Western Pyrenees

Trekking holidays
4 nights / 5 days
Jul, Aug
Spain, Navarra
Retreat house
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Route of the Golondrinas in the Occidental Pyrenees for 5 days

The “Ruta de las Golondrinas” is a mountain crossing that runs through the western Pyrenees between Navarre, Aragon and France.

This route seeks to recall the migration of Pyrenean women at the beginning of the 20th century, who migrated from south to north of the mountain range along mountain paths. They emigrated to work in the flourishing industry of the Mauleon espadrille and were affectionately nicknamed “Les Hirondelles” the swallows by the French.

The route is divided into 4 days. We will contemplate one of the largest karst landscapes in Europe, the Larra karst. The route also ascends some of the most important peaks in the area, Mesa de los tres Reyes, Auñamendi – Anie and Txamantxoia, a fascinating route.


  • Western Pyrenees – Navarra – France
  • Ascent is of the route: Txamantxoia – Mesa de los Tres Reyes – Annie
  • Trekking
  • Largest Karst in Europe (Larra)
  • Small group
  • Mountain guide

To do the trekking sessions it is necessary to be able to do 800-1000 positive meters at a comfortable pace and be used to walking in the mountains

Day 1: Accommodation and Half Board at the Belagua Refuge

Day 2: Accommodation and half board in the Linza Refuge

Day 3: Accommodation and Half Board in the Laberouat Refuge

Day 4: Accommodation and half board in the Jeandel hut

  • Previous technical advice
  • Accommodation and Half Board in the Belagua Refuge
  • Accommodation and Half Board in the Linza Shelter
  • Accommodation and Half Board at the Laberouat Shelter
  • Accommodation and Half Board at Jeandel’s Shelter
  • High Mountain Guide
  • Accident and CR insurance
  • Travel Pass and Gift Bag
  • Collective safety equipment


× Meals during the crossing outside the refuges

× Drinks in the shelters not included in the breakfast and dinner

× Any other concept not mentioned in the paragraph includes

Day 1: Meeting point – Ref. Belagua 17:00.
We will meet in the parking lot of the Belagua shelter at 17:00, where we will sleep. Before dinner we will have an informative meeting where we will finish solving doubts about the route, material, etc.

Day 2: Txamantxoia 1.914 m – Linza reference.
Height difference: 1.000 m. -750 m.↘
Schedule: 7/8 h.
Early in the morning we will set out for the Rincón de Belagua, we will ascend the GR – “Camino Real del Valle de Belagua” (Royal Road of the Belagua Valley) skirting the slopes of the Txamantxoia for an hour and a half. We start our route among beech trees and meadows that halfway up leave way to wide fields of grass. Little by little we mount the hilltop with spectacular views that will take us to the summit. From the summit we start to descend along the ridge in a NE direction (section without a path) towards the Aztaparreta pass and from there to the Linza refuge, where we will have time to rest.

Day 3: Ref. Linza – Mesas de los tres Reyes 2.428 m – Ref. Laberouat.
Height difference: 1700 m. – 1.500 m.↘
Schedule: 9/10 h.
Today is the “Queen’s Stage” of the route. After breakfast, we set off for the Linza pass, where we will take the normal route of the Hiru Erregeen Mahaia/Table of the Three Kings. The path ascends slightly until the terrain is more vertical at the end and at some point we will be forced to reach for it, which is very easy. After enjoying the views of the summit for a while we resume our journey. Now we descend to the head of the Anaye valley, when we reach its end we must go up to the Laberouat refuge.

Day 4: Ref. Laberouat – Annie 2.507 m – Ref. Jeandel
Height difference: 1.200 m. – 850 m.↘
Schedule: 6/7 h.
After breakfast we ascend through the long and gentle valley to the cabins at Cap de la Baich. A short steep slope leads us to the Col des Anies, from where we access the southern slope where the normal route runs. We ascend to its summit from where we can contemplate the chaotic and impressive Karst de Larra. The descent is done by the normal route that leaves from the Pierre se Saint Martin. The path crosses the karst and when it reaches the pass of Pescamou we descend in direction N to connect with the ski slopes that a short stretch takes us to the station where our refuge is located today.

Day 5: Ref de Jeandel – Arlas 2.044 m – Belagua refuge.
Height difference: : 500 m. – 700 m.↘
Schedule: 4/5 h.
Today is the last day of our journey. After breakfast we set off for the Arlás pass, from which it is possible to reach the summit by quite steep terrain but without difficulty. We reach the pass of Pescamou from the summit and along the tracks we reach the road. We can take some shortcuts and finally walk 2 km along it to the Ferial. Now we set out for the Belagua Refuge where we will end our route.

Specialized mountain and sports training team. In our activities, safety, quality and the enjoyment of the participants are a priority, making each trip and program a unique experience.

We are committed to sustainability, protection of the environment, promotion of the local economy and respect for mountain cultures. With this we want to preserve and enhance this wonderful space that the mountains represent for all of us.

Nature is generous, creative and wise; that’s why it’s the perfect place to disconnect, breathe fresh air, get rid of everyday anxiety and feel at peace with yourself. Whether you like climbing, cycling or hiking, nature will welcome you with open arms so that you can enjoy all its benefits:

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The road network has a radial structure and a centre in Pamplona, from where the main routes leave for the rest of the community.

And if you arrive in Navarre without a car, you can get around using regular buses, with good connections to the towns and villages in the southern half of the region and slightly less frequent services to the towns and villages in the Pyrenees. In any case, you can always take a taxi or hire a car, for greater convenience.

Isaba is located by the Esca river, Isaba stands out for its farmhouse formed by different neighborhoods where we can observe wooden and stone buildings with narrow and cobbled streets. We emphasize within this set the church of San Cipriano. It is also worth visiting the House of Memory, a museum that brings together the customs and traditions of the Roncales with a modern museography.

To the north of Isaba, the Belagua Valley opens up, where we can find numerous megalithic remains such as the Sakulo dolmen and the Arrako dolmen. Also this zone stands out for the beautiful views and landscapes that we can observe.

Finally, and in the bordering area with France, we find Larra whose characteristic karstic landscape is dotted with black pines and endangered species (grouse, snow partridge,…)

Finally, we cannot forget to mention that this area contains both the highest mountains in Navarre (Mesa de los Tres Reyes) and the deepest cavities (Sima de San Martín).

The reservation can be cancelled at any time before the beginning of the trip, with the following implications: If the cancellation takes place before 30 days of the beginning of the trip -including the 30th day-, the full amount of the trip will be refunded. If the cancellation takes place between 15 and 29 days before the beginning of the trip, 50% of the total amount of the trip will be refunded. If the cancellation takes place 14 days before the trip, the amount of the trip will not be refunded.

Route of the Golondrinas in the Western Pyrenees

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