2 to 5 day getaway in a glamping & 3h yoga

From 2 to 5 days
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Spain, Cantabria
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2 to 5 day getaway in a glamping & 3h yoga

Located in a privileged area for its vegetation and beautiful beaches

On your holiday you will breathe fresh air surrounded by an atmosphere full of magic, YOGA, surfing and a healthy lifestyle, all the comforts and fun

Enjoy a glamorous experience by staying in our fully equipped tents

The 3h of yoga will allow you to connect with your body, mind and soul

You will have free time to get lost in the Cantabrian beaches

Be part of the surfcamp life and don’t miss anything!


  • Small groups of up to 8 students
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
  • Unlimited use of the facilities
  • 3h of yoga
  • Daily activities of volleyball, table tennis and live music
  • Multicultural – Meet people from all over the world
  • Equipment at your disposal throughout the day

At the glamping camp you have the opportunity to take surfing and yoga lessons:

With yoga you will find the perfect balance for your body and soul, complementing the practice of paddle surfing with yoga classes. Yoga improves important surfing skills such as balance, concentration and breathing. Our morning lessons are designed to energise your body and mind, and the evening lessons are good for stretching your muscles and relaxing after the intense day of sport and adventure.

In addition to the 3h of yoga, you can book surfing lessons to improve your technique or to enter the world of surfing.

The surf camp has all the professional equipment you will need to get the most out of your surfing lessons
The surf camp is characterized by being connected to nature and sleeping in glampings, a fusion of glamour and camping and with a construction with zero environmental impact
We have glamping shops for our surfers to have sweet dreams. A good rest is very important so all the shops are equipped with top quality mattresses and electricity to get a good rest
We have two types of shops:
1. Private shops: Furnished, cosy, and with electricity, it is perfect to enjoy with your partner and includes a welcome gift: A bottle of wine
2. Shared shops: They are perfect for travellers who go alone or with friends and are looking to have a good time and meet people from all over the world. They are furnished shops, with wooden floors and electricity

  • 8 days and 7 nights
  • Accommodation included
  • Full board
  • 3h of yoga
  • Unlimited and free access to the whole equipment
  • Daily activities, volleyball and ping-pong championships


× Options for Yoga, Surfing Course, Massage, Kayaking, Paintball, Rafting and Climbing
× Transfer in and out (Possibility to contract)

DAY 1: Welcome, settle in, explore the campsite and start meeting people

DAY 2 TO 7: Breakfast – 90 minutes of surfing / Yoga practice – Lunch / Free time – Surf on your own – Explore the area – Participate in the activities – Dinner / Board games – Enjoy some beers – Live concerts – Meet other surfers

DAY 8: Breakfast, say goodbye to glamping and other surfers

*Example of programme depending on the options you choose

Although the practice of surfing is increasingly popular and is the main engine of this movement, we want to approach you with a more comprehensive and happy proposal. That, our life project, is to create a big family with the members of the surf camp. We believe in humanity and that is what moves us, our goal is therefore to bring together and unite all those young Europeans who are willing to share a unique experience surrounded by the best multilingual and multicultural environment and in complete harmony with nature, the environment and physical exercise, synonymous with a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Dare to discover and nourish yourself from this unique holiday while learning an activity as fun and special as surfing and enjoying the people around you and a great team where our professionalism is based on a great humanistic component and a great technical and teaching knowledge of surfing.

mmerse yourself in the underwater world and discover the wonders of the ocean while having a great time on a surfboard. Whether you’re already familiar with the benefits of this sport or want to discover it for the first time, you’ll love this unforgettable experience.
• Like other intense sports based on self-improvement, surfing is the perfect antidote to stress and boredom. Channel your adrenaline, feel energetic, and discover the fabulous connection that is established between your mind and your body in the middle of nature.
• Beyond being an ideal activity to burn fat and stay in shape, surfing is great to promote your balance, boost your concentration, and help you face fears and problems from another perspective.
• With surfing, you can immerse yourself in an aquamarine paradise and meet other adventurers who are passionate about the ocean. If you still don’t know how your body and mind can benefit from this contact with nature, don’t hesitate to climb on a board and discover it with your own senses.

You can fly to Santander airport which is the closest airport to the surf camp, approximately 40 minutes away. From the airport you can use our pick-up service for only 25 Euros per person/path.
You also have the option to come by bus from the airport, for this you can take the shuttle service that is every 30 minutes from Santander airport to the Santander bus terminal, and from there take the bus to San Vicente de la Barquera, and get off at Ruiloba or Comillas where we can pick you up.

Apart from Santander, its capital, Cantabria is an ideal place for cultural, natural and gastronomic tourism. If you want to discover some of the most attractive beaches in our country and get lost in captivating villages, we propose the following plans:

  • Beaches: for many, the beaches of Cantabria are the true northern paradise. Names as popular as Costa Quebrada are essential to discover a natural scenery of the most stimulating. Of course, you can’t forget Cabo Mayor, located in the municipality of Santander and famous for being a perfect hiking route to discover parks and beaches full of charm.
  • Excursions: once again, we find a perfect territory for excursions. Get your mountain boots ready and discover the Picos de Europa, the real jewel of the Cantabrian mountain range or the Redwood Forest of Cantabria, a real pleasure for the senses. Take advantage of the excursions to visit some of the most beautiful villages in the region: Santillana del Mar, Potes, Comillas, etc.
  • Activities: if we talk about outdoor activities, Cantabria is one of the protagonists of our country: surfing on amazing beaches, rowing, trekking, kayak routes, hair walks and a lot of other activities for the enjoyment of the whole family.

The reservation can be cancelled at any time before the beginning of the trip, with the following implications:
If the cancellation takes place before 30 days of the beginning of the trip -including the 30th day-, the full amount of the trip will be refunded.
If the cancellation takes place between 15 and 29 days before the beginning of the trip, 50% of the total amount of the trip will be refunded.
If the cancellation takes place 14 days before the trip, the amount of the trip will not be refunded.

2 to 5 day getaway in a glamping & 3h yoga

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