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5 nights / 6 days
Spain, Granada
Retreat house
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Discover one of the best retreats in Granada where you can stop time and immerse yourself in a spiritual atmosphere

During the 6 days of the retreat, you will be impregnated by the nature that surrounds you

We will disconnect from the routine by practicing meditation and yoga to connect with ourselves

We will taste organic vegetarian food combined with the tranquility that surrounds us

We will have free time to relax around the pool and discover the corners of Granada

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  • Organic Vegetarian Food
  • Traditional Food
  • Different yoga teachers
  • 4 yoga classes a day
  • Pick up and activities included
  • Excursion to the old town of Granada
  • 5 nights of accommodation
  • Languages: English and Spanish

During the retreat we adapt to each participant’s age and level to create a pleasant atmosphere and forge group cohesion.
Every day we will teach 4 yoga classes with different styles and degrees of difficulty.
The program is open and flexible as it can be adapted to the group’s needs.

Luxury Andalusian farmhouse with large common areas elegantly furnished in the traditional style
Dormitory or single rooms surrounded by nature
Outdoor swimming pool surrounded by mountains
Located in Pinos Puente, 20 minutes from the Granada Airport

  • 5 nights at the retreat center (Sunday to Friday)
  • 4 yoga classes a day: 2 energetic and 2 soft classes
  • 3 delicious healthy meals a day
  • Pick up from Granada bus station
  • Beach day in Mortil or Salobreña
  • Visit to Granada’s old town
  • Hexagonal yoga room
  • Rooms with private bathrooms
  • Transportation included for all activities
  • Basic travel insurance


×Pick-up from the airport
×Single rooms

Day 1: Arrival at the farmhouse, welcome, explanation of what to do and how to get around Granada, first yoga session at sunset, dinner

Days 2 to 5: Meditation, Dynamic and energetic class, Breakfast, Soft class, Free time – activity or workshop, Traditional food or picnic, Free time – activity or workshop, Dynamic and energetic class, Soft class, and dinner

Day 6: Group saying goodbye and optional meal

Patricia, specialized in Sivananda Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, shares with her students that yoga and psychology involve lifelong learning, a commitment that one makes to oneself and the environment. She is a specialist in mixing oriental yoga practices and Western psychology. You’ll also find other teachers in the center who specialize in food and nutrition, Reiki, holistic health, sustainability, and Pilates.

We live in a rush, at full speed, hardly stopping to take in our surroundings. For this reason, more and more people are giving meditation a chance. This centuries-old practice allows us to stop, breathe, and observe our minds and bodies to better respond to our needs. Meditation can be the key to radically changing your life:
• Through breathing, sound, or the use of different objects, meditation manages to lead participants into a state of absolute concentration that allows them to let go of their concerns and find the way inwards.
• The state of peace achieved through meditation reduces each individual’s level of stress and anxiety and, consequently, improves their capacity for self-control and quality of life. Practicing this discipline is also ideal to regulate blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and stimulate the production of endorphins, causing us to be overwhelmed by feelings of well being and serenity.
• While it’s true that meditation requires dedication and time, the short- and long-term results you’ll see in your mind and body will make the path towards a new, healthier lifestyle worthwhile.

Still haven’t tried out the wonderful world of yoga? In addition to its countless physical benefits, it’s an exciting way to find oneself. Stress, pressure, and anxiety are common in most of our daily lives. However, yoga can help you to get rid of the symptoms of these problems from your consciousness to pave the way towards inner peace. We can help you build a solid foundation:
• One of the foundations of yoga is conscious breathing, a method that allows participants to control their thought patterns, better connect with their own bodies, and improve their power of concentration.
• Moreover, few activities can help you understand the limits and possibilities of your body better than yoga, which will help you learn how to relax your muscles, stimulate your consciousness, and take a leap forward into the fascinating world of meditation, an essential step towards finding inner peace.
• Do you suffer from back pain or other muscle aches? Say goodbye to these issues with yoga, because every movement is designed to relieve muscle tension and make your body more flexible. In addition, thanks to these exercises and conscious breathing control, you will be able to address problems ranging from anxiety and stress to excess weight.

The retreat is located in Pinos Puente, Granada, Spain. This is 20 minutes from Granada airport, 2 hours and 30 minutes from Seville airport, or 1 hour and 15 minutes from Malaga airport.
If you would like a transfer from Malaga airport, we can arrange this. You can also get to Granada by train or bus. Both buses and trains depart regularly from Malaga or Seville throughout the day and we can pick you up at the bus/train station in Granada.

There are cities that simply fall in love, and Granada is one of them.
Some of its attractions are:
1. The Alhambra
2. Albaicin
3. Sacormont
4. Have a drink in the tea shop
5. Walking around the historical centre
6. Eat your famous tapas
Granada is full of history and culture, discover all that this city hides.

The reservation can be cancelled at any time before the beginning of the trip, with the following implications:
If the cancellation takes place before 30 days of the beginning of the trip -including the 30th day-, the full amount of the trip will be refunded.
If the cancellation takes place between 15 and 29 days before the beginning of the trip, 50% of the total amount of the trip will be refunded.
If the cancellation takes place 14 days before the trip, the amount of the trip will not be refunded.


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